New Guinness World Record! The highest wave ridden by a female surfer is 13.3 metres


Laura Enever recently achieved recognition as a record-breaker in women's surfing for successfully tackling a huge wave over 13 meters high. The official documentation of this exploit, dating back to last January, was finally approved after a rigorous verification process that lasted about 10 months. The announcement came from Guinness World Records at the beginning of November.

wiji-surf-laura-enever-world-record The 13.3 m wave ridden by Laura Enever - Outer Reef, Oahu (Hawaii)

The Australian-born athlete has been officially designated as the surfer who conquered the biggest wave in the history of women's surfing. His extraordinary feat, achieved with paddle surfing on January 22, 2023 at Outer Reef on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, was carefully analyzed and evaluated to ensure the accuracy of the record. The Guinness World Record committee confirmed the exact height of the 'tamed' wave at 13.3 metres, underlining the extraordinary nature of this result achieved without the aid of a jet ski.

wiji-surf-laura-enever-guinness-world-record Laura Enever awarded by Guinness World Record - November 2023

The long wait for Enever's new world record to be made official was justified by the need to calculate the dimensions of the wave with extreme precision. A detailed analysis was conducted using measurements from the World Surf League, based on video images, information on the precise location in the sea, wave position and different camera angles that documented the feat. Data accuracy was critical to project proportions and algorithms. In the end, the record was officially validated, and the previous record held by Andrea Moller in January 2016 was surpassed.

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