The Christmas season is approaching and while in the city coats and scarves are starting to populate the crowded streets, we lovers of wave sports can't wait to discover a new corner of paradise to continue surfing in peace. There are many places that are crowded with enthusiasts during the Christmas weeks, but some are real hidden gems! Here are some of the favorite places for surfers during the Christmas holidays!

Tagazhout-Morocco-WIJI-SURF Panorama Beach – Tagazhout, Morocco

Tagazhout, Morocco

Morocco is certainly not the first destination that may come to mind for classic tourists to spend the winter holidays: the absence of large-scale tourism on its coasts makes Tagazhout a perfect place to practice good surfing on Christmas morning. December is the ideal month to take advantage of the Moroccan waves, thanks to the excellent waves offered by the beaches and the still mild temperatures. The climate often reaches 20 degrees centigrade and the water of the Mediterranean Sea still remains warm from the heat collected in the previous months. Given the perfect conditions Tagazhout finds itself in in December, many surf schools or centers organize unique packages and experiences for the Christmas holidays, which include lessons with Santa Claus, Christmas dinners and New Year celebrations on the beaches, in the light of a bonfire!

Surf Club – Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

On the coasts of Central America, winter never seems to arrive: temperatures can reach 30 degrees Celsius until late December. There will be no need to pack scarves and hats, but swimsuits, sun cream and sunglasses. Given the general mildness of the waves in these months, Santa Teresa is the ideal spot for beginner surfers who want to enjoy the sea waves at Christmas. The wonderful views of the area make Santa Teresa a perfect destination for lovers of nature and tranquility. You definitely can't skip the stop in Playa Carmen.

Praia do Cordoama – Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve, Portugal

There is no need to cross the Pacific Ocean to find an excellent place to surf at Christmas: Portugal, as always, reserves great natural spectacles and perfect locations for practicing wave sports.
It is difficult to identify just one beach where to practice this sport, since the entire coast of the province of Alentejo is ideal, up to the south-west tip of the Algarve. With temperatures a little lower than the other locations described, it is recommended to pack a thermal suit. Despite this, the high cliffs defend the beach from the wind, also making this an ideal destination for inexperienced surfers looking for new emotions.

weligama-sri-lanka-wiji-surf Weligama Beach, Sri Lanka

Weligama, Sri Lanka

If you are planning a slightly more challenging trip, Sri Lanka awaits you! From November to April the beaches of Weligama are populated with surfers ready to immerse themselves in the sea, which with around 30 degrees Celsius outside is an embrace waiting to be accepted. The area is full of luxury resorts and hotels: a well-deserved ideal holiday to end the year in the best possible way!

byron-bay-beach-surf-wiji Byron Bay Beach – Australia


Australia is certainly the most famous place to spend Christmas in the heat. Even though the island is a destination for many wave sports lovers throughout the year, in December the beaches become a real Christmas spectacle: swimmers with Christmas hats and red and white thermal suits face the waves on their boards and in the evening the bonfires take the place of the umbrellas, lighting up to celebrate the new year. In the easternmost point of Australia, Byron Bay, thousands of surfers take refuge every Christmas, to appreciate not only the breathtaking waves, but also the wonderful views offered by the beach.

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