For many people, giving Christmas gifts is one of the most complex challenges of the year: it is often difficult to find an original gift that reflects the personality of the person to whom you are giving the gift. For those who love wave sports like us at Wiji this year it could be easier than expected. Here are some tips for your surfer friends!


Portable mat for changing

Bag/mat for changing

Many swimmers prefer to change directly on the beach, as soon as the surfing session is over: this can often cause discomfort due to the sand that sticks to the soles of the feet or clothes that get dirty and wet easily. An ideal gift for your wave-loving friends could be a waterproof bag, many of which also double as mats so you can easily change with wet feet.

dry-bag-wiji-surf-gifts Waterproof bag

Waterproof bag

A suitable gift for those who love swimming excursions can certainly be a waterproof bag: easy to carry on the SUP board or over the shoulder, this product allows you to collect all the personal effects of those who use it and take them to the nearest bay where the surfer's base camp. For those who just want to think about it and don't intend to spend excessive amounts of money, there are also pocket versions, suitable for containing objects of fundamental use, such as a mobile phone or camera. Thanks to the waterproofness of the object, clothes and precious objects will be safe from the waves and there will be no risk of compromising their use.

surf-wiji-traction-pads Surf traction pad

Traction Pad

If you know novice wave lovers, you can't forget to give them a traction pad: this fin-shaped tool is connected to the board and allows the user to stay in balance much more easily. With this simple practice the surfer will be able to enjoy the adrenaline of the waves without fear of falling off the board frequently. For this reason, the traction pad could also be a good idea for more experienced swimmers, who will be able to enjoy complex currents that they can ride more easily, letting themselves be lulled by the movement of the waves.


Books about surfing

Fredric Schiffter's Surfing Philosophy

A book is always a good idea to give to a friend: combining the passion for reading with that of the waves can be an even more successful move! A book suitable for those who want to immerse themselves in the history of Italian surfing could be "Wave surfing in Italy" by Nani: a guide suitable for all types of surfers, which introduces the practice of wave sports, telling their origins and how these were transported to Italy. For those who prefer a more involved and not strictly technical reading, we recommend "Philosophy of surfing" by Schiffter: this book, which has now become a must-have for fans of the discipline, tells the story of this sport in a theatrical and evocative way as a metaphor for life itself . A great surprise for every enthusiast! surf-wiji-board-training

Training board

Unless you live in the Northern Hemisphere or some paradise on earth, many lovers of these sports will find it difficult to go surfing in the winter months. A suitable gift for these people could be a training board: composed of a simple wooden board and a roller, the gift allows swimmers to keep their balance trained in all seasons of the year. The board is also useful for skateboard enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to keep their balance under control.
Given the substantial simplicity of the product, people who love craftsmanship can also build one at home, perhaps personalizing it for the person to whom they are giving the gift, adding even more value to the gift!

poncho-freedom-wiji-surf-products The Freedom Poncho by Wiji

There are many gift ideas for your wave-rider friends and they are certainly not limited to this short list. Even among the products offered by Wiji you can find many interesting and sustainability-conscious ideas, such as the colorful Glassy and Cut Back sweatshirts, the Baja and Duck Dive sweaters, or the Freedom poncho, ideal for drying off after an intense swim.

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