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Wave sport in an "urban" key: here is the Italian brand WIJI, a new concept synonymous with nature and "serendipity" that combines those values ​​of sustainability, well-being and ecological ethics close to the new green generations.

WIJI Spring / Summer 2023 campaign image

Milan, June 2023 - WIJI is born, the revolutionary Italian lifestyle brand that embodies the passion for wave sports in a "cooler" guise, while at the same time linking itself to a healthy lifestyle that is increasingly inserted into the daily city life of the new generations sensitive to 'environment.

A balanced attitude, an attitude that represents the generation of "urban sportsmen" and is committed to spreading, informing and connecting all those who embrace this world and love sport, surf culture and travel, because "Surf is an attitude" for WIJI and its entire community.

The surfing boom and more generally the movement linked to the spread of wave sports has also entered European urban social fabrics in recent years, taking the form of a real new "lifestyle" and breaking away from the stereotype of the "perfect Californian surfer". A preconception that has contributed to alienating non-practicing enthusiasts and all those who are curious about one of the undoubtedly most aesthetic sports linked to the natural elements of our planet.

WIJI rides the wave of this transition, representing a lifestyle that combines adventure with values ​​of sustainability, community and healthy lifestyle.

WIJI's mission is clear and tangible: to provide a new generation of " Urban Surfers " with high quality products, taking on that "minimal" imprint characterizing the latest trends in fashion but at the same time laying the foundations on an idea of ​​conscious sustainability .

The WIJI stand at the La Prima Estate Festival in Lido di Camaiore (June 2023)

" The WIJI Spring Summer 2023 collection represents the perfect match between the love for Surfing and our constant commitment to sustainability and environmental protection " declared Mattia Del Conte, founder of WIJI. “We sought to create a brand that reflects the values ​​of those who love wave sports and wish to contribute to a more sustainable future, without compromising design and quality.”

WIJI's philosophy focuses on sustainable and zero-impact production processes, using organic materials and recycled cotton to produce its garments.
A choice that guarantees experience and superior wearability and that draws a clear dividing line with the business of the "fast-fashion" industry.

WIJI, currently present with online sales via e-commerce, plans to open single-brand stores, in which you will have a 360° experience in the world of the brand, telling its story and offering the entire range of products: t -shirts, sweatshirts, ponchos, water bottles, surfboards and much more. Furthermore, the brand has the ambition and objective of believing in future projects, such as creating spaces dedicated to sharing and creativity: hostels, bistros, studios and events open to all people who share the love and passion for sea ​​and ocean.

As it will be for WIJI's September event in Milan (WIJI SURF FEST) and as, instead, it was for the musical event "La Prima Estate", in which WIJI was its official partner.

Bagno il Cavallone in Lido di Camaiore. Yoga activities with instructor Irene Traina

In this festival, WIJI helped to select a program of free activities accessible to anyone (with a first review on 16,17,18 June and a second review on 23,24,25 June) at the Bussoladomani Park (Lido di Camaiore, in Tuscany).

Activities such as: Yoga with Irene Traina, Surf and Surf Training with WeRide Surf school, always in contact with nature, to discover yourself and get involved.

Through the blog and social media , WIJI will tell stories related to the world of surfing, experiences and sustainable initiatives, communicating values ​​through true and exciting stories, as well as through sports stories, green initiatives, music and art, to actively involve one's values, creating a solid and lasting bond with the community.


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About WIJI 

WIJI is an Italian lifestyle brand created to promote a healthy lifestyle that is increasingly part of the everyday life of the new generations, sensitive to the environment and looking for experiences just a few steps from home. WIJI was born in Italy and wants to present itself as a promoter of fair values, but also of a territory that has so much to offer. It wants to tell about an Italy that evolves, that becomes international. WIJI shares passions and ideas, knowledge and beauty: becoming a platform for sharing and ethical awareness, for love for others and for the environment, for experimentation and fun.


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