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WIJI: your new urban lifestyle

WIJI is an Italian lifestyle brand that was created to promote a healthy way of life that is increasingly part of the daily lives of new generations who are sensitive to the environment and are looking for experiences within walking distance from home.

WIJI wants to disseminate, inform, entertain and connect all those who have a passion for wave sports, who have an attitude towards a sustainable lifestyle and, in general, an interest in surf culture, a love for the ocean, travel and sustainable living.

WIJI is a digital wave that arises from a generation of "new urban sportsmen".

WIJI was born in Italy and wants to present itself as a promoter of Values, but also of a territory that has so much to offer. It wants to tell an Italy that evolves, that becomes international, that faces a new and aware way of living without giving up its traditions, but which indeed integrates them making it even more special in the eyes of the whole world.

With WIJI we want to share passions and ideas, knowledge and beauty: we want to become a platform for sharing and ethical awareness, of love for each other and for the environment, for experimentation and fun.


WIJI products are few, limited and selected. Inspired by the world of wave sports, the environment and travel, they are made with quality and sustainable materials.
Sustainability, for WIJI, means being careful not only of waste and overproduction, but also and above all of the product manufacturing processes: we only use the best raw materials, grown or produced with methods that do not harm people, animals and animals. 'environment. Our clothing is made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled Chinese polyester and other sustainable materials such as Modal®.
WIJI's are more authentic, more responsible garments that you are proud to wear every day.

With its products WIJI intends to promote a feeling of absolute freedom accessible to all, in contact with nature even in the city.
If you love getting together and spending time outdoors with your friends or family, then WIJI is the digital brand for you.

The Community

With WIJI you become part of an iconic, loyal and sustainable movement: a community of wave sports enthusiasts, both at the sea and - above all - in the city. A community that wants to relive the emotions of the waves in parks, on the street, on skate tracks, on the subway, in pubs and clubs. The urban fabric comes to life through vertical integration on several levels of a sustainable street lifestyle, with a vision and attention to the world that hosts us, social and ecological.

WIJI is the aptitude for living in the open air, with friends, making new experiences. It is the will to know more and more about the world, more and more about yourself; to live it a thousand per thousand to capture any positive sensation that reverberates in the body, and your body floods everything around us.
WIJI is the will to share beautiful emotions, the strong and extravagant ones, the will to share the world with the world and feel an integral part of it.

WIJI is your new community: it's a connection between places, individuals and crews from all over the world, enthusiasts of all levels of the disciplines related to wave sports.
It is sharing of interests, of a way of life.
It is sport but also lifestyle, art and music.
It is sustainability, respect and the environment.
It's instinct, it's attitude.