Save Imsouane! The pearl of Moroccan surfing

Save Imsouane! La perla del Surf del Marocco

Today we tell you what is happening in Imsouane, a small Moroccan fishing village so dear to surfers from all over the world, famous for its long waves and its simple, colorful and hospitable architecture.


The colors and the local people of the country of Imsouane, Morocco
The Bay, known for having the longest waves in Morocco, stretching up to 800 metres, is suitable for all skill levels, while the Cathedral has a fast and more aggressive break point, which caters to the most intrepid surfers.
Imsouane is located 90 minutes from Agadir and Essaouira and its clean beaches offer an uncontaminated environment, where the local community lives simply enjoying the sea, the sun and a thriving fishery surrounded by an idyllic atmosphere.
"Cathedral Point" - among the main surf spots in Imsouane

Since January 17th, the noise of the waves has unfortunately been joined by the clang of bulldozers and hammers, which with the authorization of the Moroccan government are destroying the oldest part of the town to make room for a row of luxury hotels and resorts.
The demolition process began in the area in front of the La Cathedrale spot, on the north side of Imsouane, where some of the rural buildings with sea views had been built over 80 years ago by local fishermen. A blow to the heart for all those who love Imsouane and who recognized those little houses set in the cliff as an integral part of the landscape, as well as a typical glimpse of the place. Recent news unfortunately leads us to have to say that that corner of paradise where so many tourists and surf lovers took memories of their adventures no longer exists, reduced today to a pile of rubble.

Demolition works started on the morning of January 17, 2024 - Imsouane, Morocco

Moroccan authorities told residents of recently demolished homes that they were no longer allowed to remain in those properties. The inhabitants received just 24 hours' notice to collect their belongings and abandon their homes, without any formal notification and only through a verbal warning. The personal belongings of these people, expelled without warning, are now found scattered along the streets and until now no information has been provided to them on possible alternative housing solutions.
This transformation, short-sighted and considered unfair by many, risks erasing the cultural identity and peculiarities of a place appreciated by visitors also for its lively and characteristic environment. In Morocco, where time seems to pass with millenary slowness, there is hope today that "inshallah": that is, that everything will be resolved for the best.

"The Bay" - Imsouane, Morocco

The surfing community reacted by sharing a mass petition (we leave you the link HERE) to express their support for these people and the place.

“These are people whose lives are intertwined with the very fabric of Imsouane: their homes and businesses are an integral part of what makes this city special. Furthermore, many locals rely on tourism for their income, a sector that thrives thanks to the unique charm offered by places such as the historic center of Imsouane." explains the author of the petition.

“We believe that the demolition of Imsouane to make way for new resorts is a harmful measure that threatens to erase the very essence that attracts surfers and tourists to this coastal jewel. We invite you to join us in calling on the relevant authorities to immediately stop these destructive projects and make a statement for tourism that helps local businesses thrive."

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