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This week our weekly magazine WIJI SURF ESCAPE takes us to discover the waves of vibrant Spain, exploring the waters of some of its most iconic and popular locations among local surfers, yet unknown to most non-natives. Whether northern or southern Spain, the Iberian Peninsula country offers a wide range of sandy beaches and fantastic waves.
Whether you choose the crystal clear waters of the north or the coastal breezes of the south, get ready to pack your bags for an epic weekend !


Northern Spain


We begin our trip to northern Spain from the cliffs of Playa de Langre , a hidden gem that is rapidly gaining popularity among surfers. Located along the Atlantic coast, Langre Bay offers a perfect mix of consistent waves and breathtaking landscapes. With its sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, this destination is perfect for surfers of all levels. The waves here range from gentle and easy for beginners to powerful and challenging for the more experienced. Don't forget to also explore the local culture and gastronomy which makes this location even more fascinating!


Playa de Langre, Spain

San Sebastián

Just over 2 hours away by car, our second stop is San Sebastian, a real pearl in the natural landscape of northern Spain. This coastal city captivates with its golden beaches, elegant architecture and a relaxed atmosphere. But don't be fooled by its only apparent tranquility; San Sebastian offers incredible waves suitable for even the most experienced surfers, especially in autumn and spring.
La Zurriola beach is a favorite destination for surfers, with its powerful waves and a vibrant nightlife to relax your muscles and enjoy the local culinary delights.


La Zurriola (San Sebastian), Spain

Southern Spain


Let's now move to warm southern Spain, where Tarifa reveals itself as a true paradise for surfers and kitesurfers. With its constant winds and endless beaches, Tarifa offers conditions so ideal that it is the location with the largest number of surf schools in the country. Here you can find 10 kilometers of white beaches, the beautiful ones of Playa Chica and Playa de los Lances , wild and uncontaminated nature, and the best conditions in Europe for windsurfing. Also very beautiful are Punta Paloma beach, which is located north of Tarifa and is surmounted by modern windmills lined up on the crests of the hills, and Caleta , just east of the town. After an eventful day on the water, finally enjoy the picturesque old town full of culture, trendy shops, cute cafes and lots of good vibes.


Playa de los Lances (Tarifa), Spain

El Palmar

We conclude our Spanish tour by renting a car and moving less than an hour from Tarifa! We are in El Palmar, an oasis of relaxation and surfing in southern Spain. Here, the calm and constant waves attract surfers of all levels, creating a relaxed and friendly environment. Playa de El Palmar is the perfect destination for those looking for a stress-free weekend of surfing, enjoying the long waves and sandy beaches. After surfing, immerse yourself in the local culture and savor traditional Andalusian cuisine.


Playa de El Palmar, Spain

Spain offers a wide range of ideal surfing destinations within easy reach of each other, both in the cool north and the sunny south. From powerful waves to tranquil beaches , from a rich culture to a relaxed atmosphere , each location has its own distinctive and distinguishable charm. Whether you are a beginner looking for the thrill of the first waves or an expert surfer looking for new challenges, Spain is definitely a destination not to be missed in your next adventures and the perfect opportunity for two unforgettable weekends dedicated to sports from wave!

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