A Yoga and Surf retreat

Un retreat di Yoga e Surf

Close the computer. Going home to pick up your suitcase. Get on that flight. And in a few hours the scenario changes, the temperature is different, you don't know the people with you. It is the beginning of a new adventure . A Yoga and Surf retreat.

Escaping the city to take part in a yoga and surfing holiday is an excellent opportunity not only to disconnect from the daily routine , but also to stop and think about your life . In this salty and humid parenthesis, we forget about structures and rules, if not to be guided by the flow. A flow established by the tides, by the wind, by the breath that will help us become more aware.

The main focus is connection - connection with oneself, with nature and with people . Thanks to these two disciplines, it is possible to reach a mental state of calm and tranquility, where daily thoughts and worries vanish and you are completely immersed in the present moment. Surfing is a sport that requires a lot of physical and mental preparation : you are immersed in the ocean and must be in tune with the waves. It requires strength, balance and coordination, but also a resilient mindset and the ability to face the challenges the ocean presents. Furthermore, all our moods come out at sea ... this is where yoga comes into play: through breathing and its connection with movement you enter a mental state, called flow, which allows you to be truly centered in the moment present , in the here and now, where everything becomes clearer; It therefore helps you connect with your body , find awareness while also improving flexibility and muscle strength.

Doing lots of chaturangas, cobras, planks, warriors, tones the shoulders, core and legs, and the vinyasa movements (the asana sequences guided by the breath) are very similar to those performed on the plank. While meditation helps increase concentration and inner calm.

Not only that, surfing is a sport that puts you in contact with nature and leads you to respect the ocean, its inhabitants, and the surrounding environment , leading you to reflect on how we can live in a more sustainable way (seeing plastic floating in water while sitting on the table is not a good scenario), even when we return to daily life in the city.

The simplicity of a life connected to the sea offers so much that you don't feel the lack of anything else, of any material goods. Emotions are truly unique and constructive. And the bonds that are created with people who share these same passions, even if born in just a few days, are so authentic that they remain indelible.
My advice is to continue doing yoga even in the city, even when its frenetic rhythms seem to offer no respite: carving out an hour for yourself will bring you back to those moments of presence. Until we conquer the next wave!

There are many places where you can experience these vibes around the world, which is why the flow will guide you in choosing the right retreat for you: the people, the connections, the case. Personally, by organizing them, I like to take people to places that have left a mark in my heart, that I now know and where I feel at home. And in fact for now we move between Forte dei Marmi, where I grew up, Portugal, where I lived, and the Canary Islands, whose volcanic energy bewitched me. I like being able to share my own experiences hoping that others will benefit from them, as it was for me. by Irene Traina - The Wild Production

by Irene Traina – The Wild Productions

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