Breathing deeply, the wind in your hair and the salt on your skin are sensations that lovers of wave sports treasure all year round, even in city traffic and far from the beach. With Wiji we want to maintain a close connection with nature, allowing all enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the surf lifestyle at 360 degrees, with equal respect for it. To do this we have developed a range of authentic and recognizable products , designed to be a statement of style and attitude.

For Wiji " Sustainability " does not only mean focusing on reducing waste and limiting overproduction, but above all it means paying attention to the production of the products themselves, placing emphasis on the quality of the raw materials used , without causing damage to the environment of origin, to the people and animals involved in the production cycle. These are some of the materials with which we produce our collections, which can be purchased in the " Shop " section of our site.

The cotton used to make Wiji T-shirts, sweatshirts and bags is 100% certified organic, with the GOTS mark .

The Global Organics Textile Standard (GOTS) is the most important recognition for textile production involving natural fibers from organic cotton or wool cultivation: it guarantees the consumer the production of fabrics in full compliance with environmental and social standards . This presupposes the certification of production without harmful chemical additives and without consequent residues in the products, as well as the certification of adequate quality tests for color control and the certification of adequate social equity criteria for production.

Other Wiji products, such as ponchis and beach towels, are made entirely of recycled polyester , a synthetic textile fiber obtained by melting discarded plastics and subsequently trimming them into new fibres. The use of this material is fundamental to contribute to the prevention of ocean health: by reintroducing waste plastics into new production cycles through this practice, it is possible to prevent them from ending up in incinerators, landfills and consequently in the oceans and environment.

Furthermore, recycled polyester, compared to virgin polyester, uses approximately 59% less energy, maintaining the same quality criteria. Support for this practice therefore allows us to reduce CO2 emissions by 32% .

Last material, but no less important, is Modal® : a natural fibre, a variant of rayon and derived from the pulp of beech trees. The organic fiber is more resistant than cotton, softer than jersey and with the same elasticity as polyester: these characteristics make Modal® the perfect material for making Wiji garments.

Wiji's commitment to the use of sustainable materials aims to have direct repercussions on the development of our planet: the future is today and through careful and respectful behavior for production cycles and the social relations involved in textile production, this can be achieved make a place even better and more pleasant.

Wiji wants to promote values ​​of sustainability and quality in work , but also wants to tell the story of a generation of " young urban sportsmen " who fully fit into the environment that hosts them and stimulates them to grow and improve.

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